Return to the Ming Dynasty as a prince

The former army in the army out of the city

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gate of Datong after the army is yuanyuan follow up Yang Ling rein in the roadside Looking back at the towering wall there are four isolated watchtowers outside the special gear-shaped concave-convex wall There are no passages and stairs below Only the top of the platform can be connected with the wall with wooden boards It can attack coordinate and watch the enemy's situation behind the enemy who climbs the wall Yang Ling can not help but tut praise the so-called iron wall probably nothing more than this In the city three hundred guards with long-handled steel sabers sharp arrows and long bows rushed to the city gate Since the Song Dynasty the division of arms in the army has been detailed unlike the army of the Tang Dynasty whether long gunmen or short swords everyone wears bows and arrows and attacks far and near while Yang Ling's soldier brother can fight on the ground far and near with a bow in hand The bodyguard is not only skilled in martial arts not to mention riding and shooting not only wearing a bow but also three crossbows Yang Ling army after the wing with a local purchase from the capital to reward the armed forces of goods dozens of carts continuous slow so at this time just out of the city gate Before the general guarding the city had given the order to close the city he saw another pair of well-armored cavalry pouring in Someone in the cavalry shouted "Don't close the city gate The rear army is not exhausted" Before he will ask three hundred fighters have roared past the horse's hooves on the suspension bridge

The three hundred bodyguards and the rest of the officers and soldiers all the way to Datong have been familiar with each other
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those who lined up in the last hard crossbowman don't know the inside story of the emperor in the car more don't know Yang Ling make the three hundred people stay Seeing them coming after him he said that it was the commander in chief who had arranged to escort him in the rear camp so no one had any objection Guarding the city will see them in the same clothes both foot soldiers and batch familiar then no longer ask wait for the cavalry to rush out of the city to raise the drawbridge again the gate is closed again Yang Ling did not know that there were more than three hundred chosen men quietly in the rear array and the news was too confidential and the result was that it sometimes caused greater omissions Army marched all the way after more than an hour came to the town near Qiang fort The former army sent back the news that the Tartar Boyan Khan was leading his fighters to fight with Yang Zongzhi's army outside the pass Yang Zongzhi had no time to look back now Please go to the pass first to watch the enemy's battle Yangling listened to a spirit immediately command the army to speed up the town of Qiang fort is also built on the mountain of a pass around is winding like the dragon of the Great Wall from the pass two miles outside each have a surge mouth to the mountain beacon tower Less than to the town of Qiang Guan he heard outside the mountain shout to kill next to a surge of mouth climb up to the beacon tower here in the dangerous mountain peak easy to keep difficult to attack so the tartar did not attack here but from here can hear the deafening sound of fighting Yang Ling immediately dismounted and ordered the army to stand by in situ He only brought two hundred bodyguards to the beacon tower and a garrison general hurried forward to see the imperial commissioner "How was the war" Yang Ling asked in a hurry The general manager was also tired of fighting
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Although he was in awe of the imperial commissioner and shouted loudly in his ears when he mentioned the war he replied as if nothing had happened "The imperial commissioner please be relieved The Tartars will come to fight every two days The thunder is loud and the rain is small They can't attack" Only then did Yang Ling and Zhang Yong feel relieved They hurried to the crenels and looked down At this time the sun was rising and the sun was shining down The mountains were covered with snow The flat Grand Canyon in front of Zhenqiang Fort Pass was clearly reflected It was clear at a glance from this peak Empty mountains and valleys echoed with continuous shout ShaSheng Yang Ling and Zhang Yong can not help but be shocked by the immediate scene not only them the two hundred QinJun is not afraid of death of the soldiers but some of them have never fought in the border of the officers and soldiers and quietly with twenty QinJun up the mountain of ZhengDe lying in the crenels are all recruited This is the battle of thunder and rain The Great Wall is built along the winding mountain There is a low mountain in front of this dangerous peak and then there is a valley below Two miles ahead is Zhenqiang Pass The Great Wall here is turned out so you can see everything in front of the pass clearly here

Shouting ShaSheng and weapons horses mixed into a huge infinite loud noise wave after wave of people and weapons in the sound of rolling over each other clearly into the ear drum everything close at hand because of the mountain even the rolling stones can't hit the Tartars on this side can only watch them rush to the right side of the city Thousands of troops attacked the pass one after another and the cold awn of the weapons pierced the eyes Yang Ling held his breath and watched all this He could not say a word for a long time Even Zhang Yong who had always been used to bending his body and smiling flatteringly looked solemn Zhengde clenched his fists and his heart almost jumped out He murmured "This is war" This scene obviously made him who had only seen such an imposing phrase in the book of war a very violent shock to his simple psychology How cruel
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it is to use blood and life to pave the way for brilliance Tens of thousands of troops fought in the ice and snow wilderness and canyon pass outside the pass In this world only human beings the soul of all things have the ability to organize so many lives and destroy so many lives Should human beings be proud or sad Shut down shout to kill dark cavalry to eat horse gallop using their excellent archery constantly launched to ChengTou cover the tide of general frame ladder and siege chariot of people forward Flags are flying above and below the city Tartar military stone throwers crossbows and other siege equipment threw huge stones and burning fireballs at the city It hit the wall and made a harsh explosion On the city also to return the favor far with riprap crossbow artillery near with rolling wood rolling stone in the distance constantly climbing to half of the human body fell ChengTou fell into a bloody corpse broken ladder burning siege chariot scattered everywhere On the pass the foot soldiers kept walking back and forth Those who carry instruments those who shoot arrows those who push the ladder with a sickle and those who throw rolling stones at the gates In such a firepower-intensive attack and defense there are still a batch of fierce and fearless Tartars constantly on Chengtou Turned into a pile of meat sauce after a round of counter-attack

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